Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Terrain tiles VIII

Its time to start adding the woods. At the moment I'm recycling the forest blocks that I already have. Some of these are decidedly odd shapes but I'm managing to fit them in.

 My plan is to make the gaps where the roads cross the ridge lines wide enough to fit a stand in. while it doesn't look quite right, it is more practical from a playability point of view.

 So, with all the forests added here is where I'm at tonight. Luke had a mix of 3 and 4 roads off the board edges, but I'm going to use 4 on all the boards. I also need to come up with something better than just paint as it looks a bit manky up close.

What I'm currently pondering is how I managed to spin out these forests out over a 6 by 4 board. Obviously not enough terrain used on the boards.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Terrain tiles VII

I find that the hardest bit about any project is the first steps. Mainly because most of my projects involve a sizable portion of 'winging it'. Also its very hard to continue on a project when its not playing out how you envisaged it. Fortunately at the moment I'm liking what I see.

I've done a small amount of preliminary planning for each of the terran squares (while waiting for instrument results. Real life is not like CSI at all), but I tend to go with what I feel would be interesting terrain to fight over. One thing with my system that I feel is a plus is that it gives long ridge lines, which I have not seen before in Spearhead battles.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Terrain tiles VI

One of the problems with living in a provincial city in New Zealand is that sometimes you just don't get the range of stuff that you might get in a larger center. We have just lost one of our 2 model shops (both were good but for different things). So I was after 10mm foam core board but could only find 5mm thick stuff. Its also more expensive than I remember. So a wee bit of a rethink and time for a trial. Using the 5mm foamboard for the underlying topography in 2 layers which I think will work better than 10mm would have done.

I didn't plan too much, as I'm more of a just cut and go guy. I did "plan" the corners. The hills upper cosmetic edges are 15cm from the corner, and the first and second levels are 10cm and 5cm in respectively.

With the hills in place (but not attached as No More Nails does take some time to dry) it does look interesting. I'm going to replace the town sectors with something a bit more "town like" and add more woods etc.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Terrain tiles V

With 4 weeks before Dr U-S arrives I though I would have a bit of a break with tradition and actually get the terrain done before he arrived. Its a good time saving plan, but has the negative in that he's quite good at making interesting bits of terrain.

After a fair bit of research on the central and south eastern bits of Germany and Austria gave me some base ideas. Generaly hills are covered in forrests. Streams run through the valleys and are the only place you find hedgerows. Appartently in the 1970's Germany went to mechanised farming which nesesitated the removal of the hedgerows. Odd but true.
The strat of the first board. I need a fresher pot of paint to make the roads look better. the trees might ned to be darker as well.

The second board is just started.

I was going to do some hills tonight, but don't have the bits that I want, so I'll have to make a detour tomorrow on the way home from work.

I've come up with some thoughts on town sectors taht I'll have to try this weekend.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Going forward

I've been pondering ordering more lead. Now normally this isn't a problem as I'll just add to the SH or MSH armies. And over the last couple of weeks I've been kicking round East German and Hungarian army list, and quite honestly I'm not stoked as they essentially are Russians with different kit. And not flash kit either. Their only bonus would be a much larger army on the table which would require more killing. Dr U-S seems to make this work well with his Czechs (which have the added bonus of the vast number of May Day fireworks projectors or MRL's to the rest of you).

So what else would I do? I've always enjoyed playing Napoleonics using Volley and Bayonet rules. While not having had any experience I'm also interested in the American civil war. Likewise Great War Spearhead.

So, while I continue pondering (and the clock is ticking...) I have taken some photos of one of my other collections. This time round its my early WW2 1:300 air combat collection, mostly Battle of Britain.

 The RAF. Hurricanes, Spitfires, Defiants (who doesn't love a bad idea on the tabletop) and  couple of unpainted Blenheim 1F's

 The Italians. Cr42's, G50's and Br 20's. At the back some FAA Sea Gladiators.

And the Germans. Me109's (and there was one Geschwader that used white noses), Me 100's, Do17's, He 111's, Ju88's and some Stukas. I see that there's also more Ju88's and Stukas unpainted in the bag.

I have previously played using Mustangs and Messerschmitt's rules, but I don't think that these work well for early war. they are also limiting in how many models you can control. Ideally I would like to ba able to control 6-8 planes each. I also want to get hold of a copy of "Battle of Britain " when it is finally released from PSC.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On the workbench

A Skype call with Dr U-S at the weekend indicates that he will be in country in a couple of months. This has lead me to thinking about just how to beat the Czech monster. As all my other plans have been beaten by my appalling dice throwing common sense would suggest I should just surrender to save time. However I appear to be an optimist (or 'simple' as one of my workmates points out frequently) so the quest continues.

Current plans revolve around one of my favorite weapons (and possibly the best tank gun ever invented), the British L7 105mm gun. However to face the hordes one needs a cheap mounting.

Que the second battalion of M48A2GA2. cheap and with enough armour to ignore that pesky Czech against CED weapons, but its a bridge I can cross when I come to it.

Friday, May 26, 2017

On the Workbench

A while ago I purchased some of the new modern Soviet infantry from H&R.
These ones are in action poses.

 I'm having trouble paint these at the moment. Not because I don't like them, but because I've painted several thousand of the old style figures (all on 10 man strips) and you get into a rhythm. However I think that these are going to be more dynamic on the bases. I'll have to buy some more APC's to use them (possibly BTR-50's).

I also brought some of the SPG-9's which is a 73mm RCL firing rounds similar to the main gun of the BMP-1. This is present in all battalion anti-tank platoons in Warsaw Pact infantry units.

A close up to show off my crap painting

The only way that you could buy these previously get these was in M07 Soviet airborne troops, which was a bit of a pain. I've included a picture of the older model for comparison.

On the table, you couldn't tell the difference.

I now need to buy some Sagger strips. I'm going to mix my AT platoons despite what the MSH lists say.  I still think that there should be a mixed stand with an AT and an ATGW factor.The current system doesn't work at a battalion level.
I also really like what Andy has done with his new releases and being able to buy different strips of support weapons. Its a pain for him, but I guess he can just toss the unused metal back into the melter.

I must look into the new East German figures as its another army (faction I think is the new phrase that I have tolearn) I would like to have. Megolomania knows no bounds....