Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On the workbench

A Skype call with Dr U-S at the weekend indicates that he will be in country in a couple of months. This has lead me to thinking about just how to beat the Czech monster. As all my other plans have been beaten by my appalling dice throwing common sense would suggest I should just surrender to save time. However I appear to be an optimist (or 'simple' as one of my workmates points out frequently) so the quest continues.

Current plans revolve around one of my favorite weapons (and possibly the best tank gun ever invented), the British L7 105mm gun. However to face the hordes one needs a cheap mounting.

Que the second battalion of M48A2GA2. cheap and with enough armour to ignore that pesky Czech against CED weapons, but its a bridge I can cross when I come to it.

Friday, May 26, 2017

On the Workbench

A while ago I purchased some of the new modern Soviet infantry from H&R.
These ones are in action poses.

 I'm having trouble paint these at the moment. Not because I don't like them, but because I've painted several thousand of the old style figures (all on 10 man strips) and you get into a rhythm. However I think that these are going to be more dynamic on the bases. I'll have to buy some more APC's to use them (possibly BTR-50's).

I also brought some of the SPG-9's which is a 73mm RCL firing rounds similar to the main gun of the BMP-1. This is present in all battalion anti-tank platoons in Warsaw Pact infantry units.

A close up to show off my crap painting

The only way that you could buy these previously get these was in M07 Soviet airborne troops, which was a bit of a pain. I've included a picture of the older model for comparison.

On the table, you couldn't tell the difference.

I now need to buy some Sagger strips. I'm going to mix my AT platoons despite what the MSH lists say.  I still think that there should be a mixed stand with an AT and an ATGW factor.The current system doesn't work at a battalion level.
I also really like what Andy has done with his new releases and being able to buy different strips of support weapons. Its a pain for him, but I guess he can just toss the unused metal back into the melter.

I must look into the new East German figures as its another army (faction I think is the new phrase that I have tolearn) I would like to have. Megolomania knows no bounds....

Saturday, March 11, 2017

On the Workbench

After the latest wargamers care package from H&R, I thought I would post a few pictures of the workbench.

 Austrian APC's and infantry. I had forgotten how much I hate painting infantry.

 Who couldn't resist jeeps with RCL's, For the army's too poor to afford missiles (or for legal reasons)

Ram Kangaroos with infantry added. There is only space for 3 figures even with a trim at the base. I must work out how to fit them into a list.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Terrain Tiles IV. the proof of the pudding....

......Is in the gaming.

I took the terrain squares to the club this afternoon for a game of Spearhead.
First up, they went together OK (well just about) on one table. There was a sizable overlap which meant that there was no leaning on the table. There were no serious accidents.

My opponent Jon asked to be Germans. I knocked up 2 different defend lists and a German list I had prevously used here. This one has Pz Iv's. Keith seems to be the only person I know that likes PzIV's. I brought my Russian Cavalry division as I've never used it on table, and as an afterthought packed my US army if I had to defend (I have yet to think out a defend list for the Russians).

So of course I am defending.

2 infantry battalions with M36 TD's and M15/M16 AA as infantry choppers. A tank battalion at the rear completed the deployment.
Deployment on the right flank. Infantry battalion at right top, with the tank battalion bottom left.

 Left flank with most of the support troops deployed forward.

 Jons list had 4 battalions of ~11 stands. 1 Pz IV H, 1 Pz grenadier and 2 infantry. His plan was a frontal attack across the front. He used the infantry units on the flank and the armoured units in the center.
 As the game developed on the left the german infantry launched an all out assault on the US positions. The US tank battalion attempted to envelope the center thrust at the bottom right.

 On the right the Germans were flanked by the US infantry who eventually prevailed in close combat. With the movement of the US amoured battalion the center was open for the panzer granadiers

  In the center the german armoured attack was flanked by the US armoured battalion. Lead by an M4 Jumbo (US players, don't lead your tank units with anything else) and aided by some bad luck with the dice on the German end the Pz IV's died as usual.

I forgot to record the rest of the game, but the German infantry units were eventually broken by the US infantry. For a change my dice were not abysmal and I didn't manage to slaughter my troops.

Takeway lessons? 4 small German battalions in an attack list doesn't work that well, and Pz IV's are crap.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Terrain Tiles III

I have been slowly assembling the tiles. There have been hick ups along the way, mostly with magnets placed the wrong way round. Always check these things before final assembly. Easy to say, almost impossible to follow.
I now have 4 tiles that fit together. The attachment is 'snug' without being anything to write home about. However I think it will suffice for gaming.

Now to put some stuff on top

Saturday, February 18, 2017

At the painting bench

With my new re-found eye sight, projects have started moving across the bench again.

First up the Russian horde required infantry.  I have had a packet around for a while, and had some SMG troops left from the Cavalry division.
I did some deep thinking about how many figures to put on a base (maybe 10 minutes). This is a balance between what looks good and what I either have lying round, or what my shallow pockets can afford. The number finally arrived at was 7. On the other hand, HMG stands (on the left) always look odd with just one gun team on them, so they have 2 plus an observer. There are also a few of engineer stands and some 82mm mortars to finish up.

 A closer look, though I tend to discourage this.

 Also in the basing stage were some H&R German SPG', in this case a PAK 40 mounted on a French chassis.

The British stuff has been sitting finished for a while and needs to go back into the boxes.

To finish I'd just like to say that I'm now "on" to Andy at H&R's cunning new sales tactic.  Orders can take up to 2 weeks to dispatch, which is quite understandable for a smaller setup with more important demands on the owners time. However this allows the chance to think "oh I forgot to order that", which is something that we have all done.Now we have the chance to add to the latest order, which I now note has doubled in size from 2 weeks ago when I first made it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Terrain Tiles Two

Now, its one thing to have a nice square terrain tile, its another level up to attach them to each other.
There have been many different methods tried over the years with varying degrees of success.
I've had a look at a few of them and for a variety of reasons they just don't suit me. Now that I've backed myself into a self imposed corner so to speak, my solution is magnets. The smaller ones are commonly used to hold models together. I purchased 100 larger 10mm ones for just under NZ$50.

The trick with magnets is that they have 2 poles (lets just call them + and - as it will make me typing this easier). The trick is to have one of each on a side, and keep this consistent throughout the whole lot. I have made a master side with the longer side to the left. and installed 2 magnets in a + - orientation. As long as the rest match this (or mirror image if you stuff it up like I did) then they will all connect together.

 From bottom to top we have the master side, 2 magnets positioned in the right orientation above them (the magnets have a sizable through space interaction to the point that one shattered returning to the stack at high velocity). The magnets are then picked up and placed in the holes. The sides are turned over, placed on a flush flat surface and the magnets forced to sit flat in the hole. Fill the hole up with liquid nails (or similar) and leave till its set.

Assemble the sides round the plastic core and then glue the carpet tiles on top. Job done.

The first 2 completed, and they attach to all edges. The magnets are strong enough for one tile to hang off another but I wouldn't bank my life on it.