Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Luftwaffe done

 A change from Napoleonics this weekend as I got the soldering iron out and based the SH German air support. First up, the FW190's. Again 4 on a base which is easier when the models are so small.

Cannon armed Stukas, only 2 to a stand this time round.

So why not mix the 2. And if 4 is good, surely 5 is better. Rudel makes an appearence with his backup band.

Finally I had a crack at mounting the basic Stuka's in some imitation of a dive bombing attack formation.

I'm not sure about this but given the limits of the base size it will have to do.

I also had a near first when I dropped an FW-190 under the modeling table. Its the first time I've thought that I have lost a model in quite a long time and it took a hard 10 minute search to find it.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday again

Well, after promising more regular updates, I've then gone and had 2 weeks off. Its a bit like having a GANTT chart at work, which are designed to give managers the ilusion that they are in control when the people following them know that they are obsolete the minute they are done and printed.

Anyway, in the last 2 weeks I've been working on the buildings for IHMN which are coming along but which have developed into a lot of work as they are just so nice. After a week of that I then went back to the Imperial guard to finish up the Chaseurs. For some odd reason this has taken much longer than I expected. However its all done now and the division is complete.

The old Guard

With this division done I've moved onto the Wurtemberg division from 1813. Hopefully this won't grind on quite so long.

And if I didn't have enough to paint sitting round at the moment, I've been pondering a "small" and a "big" project as well.

The small project is an addition to my MSH Warsaw pact forces. I currently don't own a BTR-60 regiment which I could use for either East Germans or Russians from the late 60's to the end of the cold war. Plus I think I can cover the support units from the spares I have lying around.. Polish marines would be nice but I would have to buy Danes as well and that starts being a "big" project.

The big project is a result of my purchase of the DBA V3 rules. I've only ever had the V2.2 rules but a visit to Book depository a couple of weeks back saw this wind up in my cart. I've always wanted to do a campaign set of armies in 6mm on the 25mm bases. And while I have an interest in western european armies of the 15th century, I already have more than enough 15mm elements for anything that I might desire doing. Other possibilities would be something based around the Ottomans or the later Crusades So I'm now waiting for the package to turn up t see just what tickels my fancy so to speak.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Interesting listening

 This postcast has an Interview withh Andy from Heroics and Ros. Its quite interesting on a number of levels. I was always worried how he was doing, but expanding the buisness 4 times since he has owned it he must be doing something right.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday night

 I'm going to start doing a friday-ish night update ofwhat I've been working on for the week. So without further ado let the slideshow begin.

Carrying on with the air support replacement project I've been painting Germans this week.

FW 190's
FW190's. I never realised they were so small.

A collection of Stukas
A wargaming cliche

The last photo comes from a story in "Stuka Pilot". Rudel writes that when his wing was re-equiped with FW190's they continued to fly cannon armed Stukas as well, though frequenty he was the only one flying them.

I have to sit down this weekend and do some soldering.

I aso finished up one of the P47 stands.

Makes a bit more sense now

I like the look though I'm not sure a large radial engine would toss out so much smoke. Now a delicate little P51......

The Imperial guard grenadiers got a flock and some flags.

I was having an e-mail chat with Mr Page this afternoon (slow Friday at work where I had several things to do, but not the kit or time to do them at the end of the week). He commeneted that next years project was rebasing his MSH stuff on 2mm laser cut MDF. For a moment I thought "wow that would be nice", then the pratical side of the brain pointed out just how many stands that might be. Initially the count was "lots" but then I wondered just how many stands it was. A quick guess was 1500 for both SH and MSH. 

After tea tonight I went into the room and had a quick approximate tally up and came up with a number of 2000 stands. And I was about to add that here when I remembered I had missed a box entirely.


Sunday, August 16, 2020

A bit of history

 One of the bonuses of getting a new phone is having access to the internet. Over the last 3-4 weeks I have started listening to some Podcasts from Gods Own Scale which has some interesting ramblings about wargaming wih the main aim being to promote 6mm wargaming. Theres even an episode chatting to Robert Dunlop who is a proponent of Great War Spearhead (which I really must have a go at). However I'm going to comment on his line which is "Keep talking about 6". I've noticed over the years (and moreso in the last 10 or so) that more people have noticed that you can play games in the more "pretty" periods of history that don't look like its a pub stoush on a Saturday night. Us 20th century "treadheads", as I think the owner of Baccus minatures once referred to us, worked out that 6mm was an ideal scale a lot longer ago, probably as its more convenient to fling sharp bits of metal 2000m at objects without it looking silly on a 6 by 4. Having a look through my collection last night I came up with these guys.

These were some of the first 6mm minatures I purchased back in 1983 and were fighting the cold war when it was Ultra-Modern. Still in their original paintjob which wasn't that bad for a 15 year old. They have survived being unbased due to a younger me baking the first layer of paint on; 200C in an oven for 10 minutes. It stinks and be very careful about the mix of metal that is used (lead doesn't melt at this temp, but I'm not sure about pewter). I also have in my collection Russians purchased before the colapse of the Soviet Union. So technically I've been talking about 6 for over 35 years. 

On the other hand, here's some figures on the painting bench this morning just after basing. There comes a time in every Napoleonic gamers life where he has to paint the French Imperial Guard. I have held off for a long time, but playing the campaigns of 1813 and 1814 means that unfortunately you just have to have these guys in the box. This week I've painted the Greanadiers, and am now starting on the Chasseurs.

In the last couple of weeks I painted most of the cavalry.

Front base is the 1st and 2nd lancers and behind is the Horse Grenadiers and Empress Dragoons. I've also done the Chassers de Cheval. Oddly enough I in the last couple of Baccus orders I forgot the Middle guard figures and so these were ordered during the last Baccus open cart session. Oh and if anyone has an interest in the spare figures that I haven't used (36 Horse Grenadiers anyone?) drop me a line.

After the Guardis finished I will probably start on the 3000 pts of Prussians curretly sitting in the sun. Theres a corps of Poles to do but it will be nice to have another opponent for the French.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

More modern air support

 As a follow up to the last post, Peter and I also went halves on some NATO aircraft sets. As part of my SH/MSH air support replacement program I got the following.

Front left to right Gazelle, Lynx and Harrier, back PAH-1, UH-1 and an out of focus Saab Draken (Danes). My Brits have never actually had any air support so I'm sure it will be apreciated.

Next up the Russians and more Helicopters.


L to R Mi-4 Hound, Mi-8 Hip and Mi-6 Hook with a Hind in the back to scale. Now I knew that the Mi-6 was big but this is just enormous. In teamYankee you would not be able to fire the length of the cargo bay. Oh and a Mig 21's as well.

Finally I could not resist his set after my reading on the air war over North Vietnam. A complete SA-2 battery complete wth the "Spoon Rest" early warning radar and "Fan Song" fire control radar.

 The "Spoon Rest" radar array is printed on acetate (though possibly a bit thicker might be nice). The "Fan Song" looks like it was invented by a mad scientist on a wild weekend bender. I'd hate to see it change direction quickly.

"It won't track the target".

" Then stick more radar dishes on it!"

Monday, August 10, 2020

More air support

 As part of my ongoing saga in replacing my SH and MSH air support I was having an e-mail discussion with Peter a coule of monts back. He was interested in buying some more 3mm aircraft (there is a bag of similar models in the Page strategic lead pile) but was not sure about buying packs of 8. My imediate reply was "so what are you interetsed in...". It turns out that great minds think alike and fools seldom differ (take your pick).

The offshoot was another order from Picoarmour. Again when it arrived I pondered the decontamination procedures and then remembered it had been in the post for nearly 4 weeks. I''ll split it into 2 posts with the first up being German air support. Now by late war this is rather optimistic but doesn't stop anyone collecting models does it.

So from left to right we have HS129's, Ju87G's, Ju87B's and some FW190D's. Again I.'m really impressed with the casting (the Stukas with 37mm are very nicely done) and I'm looking forward to painting them.