Friday, July 1, 2016

Possible 1944 Cavalry Corps list

So, a bit later than promised.
I'll also state that these are rather incomplete.

Corps Hq    1 Cavalry stand.
It just doesn't really seem to be much. I think a divisional command stand base should be bigger, maybe 2" square?

There is also a collection of Battalions and regiments similar to those found in the Mech and Tank corps.

Recon battalion
BHQ 1 smg stand in truck.
1 motorcycle coy 3smg stands
1 H/t coy 3 smg stands in M3 H/t

This has been cribbed from the Lists in the spearhead book. the Nafziger lists give numbers of armoured vehicles (14 plus 8 trucks),smg's rifes etc. no motorcycles or horses mentioned. On second thoughts I would expect horses rather than motorcycles.

SP artillery regiment; 4 Su-85.
Given that the cavalry units tended oto operate in rough terrain 4 Su-76's may also be a possibility.

Engineering battalion. Based on the lsts given I would suggest.
BHQ cavalry stand
1 coy 3 engineer stands /rifles in trucks
1 coy 3 engineer stands /rifles incarts.
sounds odd but there's no lower detail so I'm just guessing really.

Motorised tank destroyer regiment.
5 76/41 guns/ tractors. There are also a stack of AT rifles which I'm reluctant to have as separate stands.

Mortar regiment.
4 120mm Mortars/ horse drawn (possibly 2 battalions of 2 stands)
The spearhead lists for both the Mech corps and Tank corps have 2 battalions each with 3 stands. In this case there TOE is only 20 mortars which I can't stretch to 6 stands (and 5 makes no sense)

Anti-aircraft regiment.
4 37mm AA guns/ truck.
1 AA HMG stand / truck.

Rocket battalion
2 BM-13 Katyusha

At Battalion
3 45mm guns/ trucks.
(I still have no idea why you would bother with these as they have no use. May as well give then a bag of rocks.)

That's it for the fighting troops.

The Nafziger list also has 2 tank regiments with T-34/85 but the alternative source states that these did not exist.

So, a few other toys worth having to make up for not having the 4th cavalry regiment in the division. At least theres now enough points to make it to 650.


  1. I'd have expected horses in the recon as well, but not as replacements for motorcycles. The Czechs had a few cavalaryman just after WW2, and the only possible place I can see them fitting into their 1st Corps structure would be the Corps' recce company, but they most certainly did use sidecars for recon (at regimental level). Although I guess the thinking could be horses are fine as recon for infantry, but for cavalry you want something even faster? That AA unit is exactly the opposite composition as found in the Czech 1st Corps by the way.

  2. The raw AA list is
    Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment: (397 officers & men, 295 rifles, 102 SMGs, 16 12.7mm AA HMGs16 37mm AA guns, 56 trucks, 2 kitchens, 8 radios).
    Now I'm not sure if you deploy the AA mgs as sepaarte stands or they ae close defence for the 37mm AA.
    Also, depending on what your source is, could the 16 have been miss read due to a typing mistake? 4 37mm AA guns (one stand) doesn'tsound like that much for a 'regiment'.