Monday, January 9, 2017

Roll on 2017

Well, 2016 was not a great year for gaming. I think I've played 4 SH and 1 MSH game, and pretty much nothing else.

Last week while on a visit to the local recycled timber yard (currently shut due to the timber stacks falling over in the Kaikoura earthquake) I came across some green carpet 1' squares cheap-ish. 

I'm not sure when this colour was popular but I manged to get a pile of it during a refurbishment in my University department a few jobs back. This did sterling service under our re-fights of Crete and Sedan.

So, with a 110 squares I figure that there's enough for 20 odd 2' square terrain tiles (including hills etc) so I'll have to start doing some thinking on what sort of terrain that I want. one of the first stops will be my collection of 1:50000 maps of West Germany

"What, doesn't everyone have some?"
I'm also doing some research on the areas of lower Austria, but mostly using Google earth. its not great but does tell you things like typical roof colours. Its a bit of a pain that Germany and Austria have opted out of Streetview.

(Oh and if anyone knows of any good maps of Prussia or Courland C1944-45 I would be interested).


  1. Sounds like an interesting terrain project!

  2. That's a fair whack of green carpet! Should look great when all done.

  3. How about just over the border: the area around Bratislava, for example, on street view. Shouldn't be too different.