Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Terrain tiles VI

One of the problems with living in a provincial city in New Zealand is that sometimes you just don't get the range of stuff that you might get in a larger center. We have just lost one of our 2 model shops (both were good but for different things). So I was after 10mm foam core board but could only find 5mm thick stuff. Its also more expensive than I remember. So a wee bit of a rethink and time for a trial. Using the 5mm foamboard for the underlying topography in 2 layers which I think will work better than 10mm would have done.

I didn't plan too much, as I'm more of a just cut and go guy. I did "plan" the corners. The hills upper cosmetic edges are 15cm from the corner, and the first and second levels are 10cm and 5cm in respectively.

With the hills in place (but not attached as No More Nails does take some time to dry) it does look interesting. I'm going to replace the town sectors with something a bit more "town like" and add more woods etc.

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