Thursday, July 18, 2019

Its been a while

Well, the silence indicates that I have not played much Spearhead recently. Gaming activities have been concentrating on In her Majesties name, a set of Victoran science fiction rules that fit nicely with the collection of 28mm figures I've collected over the years.Its a good fun game that doesn't take itself that seriously, and you don't need to have the "right" figures as theres a well thougth out points system.
A British landing party about to have its butt kicked by the Society of righteous and harmonious fists
With all this other work I've also finished the MSH Dutch as well as the 1960's/70's West Germans (pre Marders).  No photos as "Der room" has become somewhat piled up and I'm not sure exactly where they are. maybe the weekend will see me having time to hunt them out.

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