Thursday, May 6, 2021

Prussian cavalry done

 After a solid bout of painting over the last couple of weeks, I've now finished painting and basing all the 1813 Prussian cavalry lead in the current lead pile. It`s amazing what you can do when trying to avoid painting 12 battalions of Landwehr.

2 Brigades of Dragoons and a mixed Dragoon/Uhlan brigade. I think the coat blue might be a bit bright buts it was was the closest thing I had in the paint collection.

2 Brigades of Hussars, again with a mixed Hussar/Uhlan brigade.

Finally a couple of brigades of Landwehr cavalry (not as organised as the regular troops above). on the left is a brigade of Cuirassiers with the Guard du Corps in white coats at the frone and 2 other regiments behind in blus coats.

Maybe I'll look at some artillery next.....

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