Thursday, July 26, 2012

US light armoured divison 1944 II

Well, this has been a bit of time coming. Works been rather busy of late.

Anyway, on to the options and some suggestion on how to play the army.

I've only done one option A and one option B as the army has pretty much everything that you need on the table already.
Option A AGC 10
3 P47/ Bombs 36

Not much explanation needed here. something to knock out those really big German tanks or shift some veteran infantry stands. Its my favoured choice which I normally take.

Option B Armoured infantry battalion. Basically because I realise that there is not enough infantry for some. I'd never use this myself, but it is an option.

Hq 1 rifle stand/HT 7
9 rifle stands/HT 63
1 HMG/ HT 7
2 AAMG/HT 10
1 M4/ 81mm mortar 6
1 recon jeep 0.50 HMG 4

Now how to play this. First up I would use the 155mm for counter battery, to put the crimp on enemy artillery. There are a stack of 'soft' targets running round the table that need some protection from indirect fire.
Next to tricking out the on table TOE. Swap 3 infantry stands/HT for 1 M4 jumbo, 1 M4/76 and 1 M4 (one company as allowed by the rules). This gives both battalions 'enough' infantry.

On the attack, choose one side of the table where there are 2 objectives (one in the near 1/2 and one in the far 1/2 (try to avoid any in towns). You want to lead the attack with the infantry battalion down this side of the table. the aim is to establish a 'bridgehead about 24-30" onto the table, but geared to stop counter attacks from the center 3rd of the board. The tank battalion would be timetabled to come on in turn 4-5 (possibly 5).

The tank battalion is then pushed through the infantry battalion on that same side of the board, and exits off the other edge (oh, make sure there are enough roads for this).
Points wise you should be aiming to get 4 for the objectives, 2 for killing a defending battalion (possibly2) and 2 for the tank battalion off the other edge for a total of 10.
This is not overly easy to impliment on the table, so if you want to do your own thing my only advice would be to keep the 2 battalions close together and just overwhelm the defenders one battalion at a time. Try to avoid fighting in towns as there isn't enough infantry to do this.

So, how does that sound?

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