Saturday, July 28, 2012

US light armoured divison 1944 III

Just as an additional post, here are some pictures of the various stands. All the models are Heroics and Ros.

A collection of M4's. From left to right we have US06 late model (with added armour plates on the sides), US07 M4A3 with 76mm, US04A M4/105mm how and US08 M4E3A2 'Jumbo'.

US21 M18 Hellcat with crews from US34 Gun crew standing.

The AA supports. US49 M15 SPAA and US 33 M16 SPAA. Again with crews from the same artillery crew strips.

US25 M7 priest. Crews from.....

The HQ stands. Tank battalion and infantry battalion at the front and the brigade HQ at the back. the jeeps and trucks came from a grab bag of bits so I'm not quite sure what they are but would pick US13 White scout car, US38 jeeps, and US40 for the truck (I've no idea on this one though)

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