Saturday, August 11, 2012

On lists

When writing an army lists I find that the biggest hurdle to the process is the 'reading' of the relevant SH/MSH list. Its actually easiest if you have an idea of what your finished list will look like before you start. I've also been reminded yesterday that not only are there minefields in the rules themselves with the relevant bits hidden in a variety of places.

Now, what I'm pondering is creating a set of lists that are easy for gamers to create a list without all the nit picking. the real question is what format would be best/easiest to read. Just letting my brain run at the moment, here is a rough thought.

1 regimental HQ (every army needs one)

X battalions each
6-9 fighting platoons (or whatever 66%-100% translates to)
0-1 support stands
(as many as needed)
regimental stands s required.

Divisional supports
up to 3 companies each x stands.

then have the various equipment options, or possibly select standard years for gaming (SH or MSH).

I hope that everyone can sort of see what I'm getting at.
this might make life a bit easier.

(I won't be replying quickly as I'm busy playing Napoleon at Borodino today)


  1. Makes sense to me, you would need to do a list for each type of regiment in the divsion. You would also need to work out the various support options for each regiment.

    You should also be able to have battalions form other regiemnts as well as support companies. Also need to allow for cross attaching companies as appropriate.

    This would look very familiar to Flames of War players and even some of the WRG players.


  2. The one strength of the Flames of War lists is the ease of adding support elements from different levels.
    Also the core is shown clearly.
    I think this is what is needed to allow people to feel confident about their list building.

  3. I woudl agree with this. Would people be happy with a fixed core of troops and be able to add toys. The lists would all look similar I guess. Sort of like flames of war armies.
    I'll have a discussion with my list writing addicts/monkeys.