Thursday, September 21, 2017

Next options.

As always after a prolonged session of gaming one gets keen again and starts looking for the next armies to build. While Luke was here we went through my Czech collection to sort out what i needed to A) complete the Czechs to his exacting standard and B) add the Poles as well.
I've now found that I've lost the piece of paper somewhere.  I've also been going through the Austrians to sort out bits I'm missing (85mm AT guns bits for HQ's etc) and painting up some bits for the West Germans in the late 960's, as I have a stack of SPZ 12-3APC's that I was going to use as Austrian APC's before H&R released their new range.

I also received a purchase the day after Luke left, a 1960's wheeled recce regiment for my Brits.

Saladins, Saracens and variations on the Ferret ( it did remind me that I should really get a Fox recce regiment for the Brit territorials). This has lead to my main problem which is: what base green did I use for my existing British army when I painted it 15 odd years ago. I expect that others are well organized and have these things written down in their modeling diary's. I on the other hand just tend to grab the paint off the shelf that looks about right, and I do carry a wide selection of greens.


  1. No. No one else keeps track of paint colors either. I did it one time, and when i went back to paint more of those minis a year later, I had forgotten about the painting notes and used an incorrect color anyway.

  2. I rather like wheeled recon units, because they are just something a little different from the normal fighting battalion. The Cold War French have some particular unusual recon vehicles, sometimes with a reasonable gun or ATGW. While the WWII German Recon Battalions are certainly different having an assortment of troops.