Saturday, September 2, 2017

Time for some gaming.

With Dr U-S's arrival it was time for some gaming. but first some finishing touches. 

The town sectors are the mk 1 version of an idea I've had to make them more "playable". The building roofs are all the same height so that stands sit flat on the top. using smaller scaled buildings means that the town sectors actually look like town and not a lone farmhouse. I'm quite happy with this an so I'll have to make some masters and molds for the mk2 version.

And so it was on to the first game, Russians vs the US in the mid 1970's. The good doctor discovers that setting up to defend is not as easy as it looks. However my tactical and dice skills handed him a victory. He did attempt to steal defeat (his regimental artillery rolled 7 ones for its first 12 dice).

One Us battalion attempts to flank the Russians in the woods, while the second generously provides some target practice for the regimental anti-tank units.
US attack being swamped by the Russian conter attack following it.
 This game was played at the normal MSH groundscale which worked fine for us.

The second game was the debut of my WW2 Russian cavalry division. 100 stands strong under the scenario system. Cracking along at 9" and ignoring terrain, they were into the Germans surprisingly fast
Turn 1
Turn 2. Yee Haaaaa
It was an interesting 1st outing and with some tactical tweaking (you can't tweak the list as you get the whole division at 650 points) should be very hard to face on the table. Simple stuff like "when should one get off his horse?"

The terrain squares worked really well, with the second board setup providing different tactical challenges to the first.


  1. That's a whole bunch of cavalry! Good looking games and the boards are very nice.

  2. So how did the Russian cavalry go? Did they die in droves or sweep all before them?

  3. A mixture. Once I get to grips with when to dismount them it should be scary.

    1. As expected there is a good number of Soviet stands. I've looked a few times at a standard Soviet Infantry Division 1944 TO&E. Still other Soviets to paint first.

  4. Great games chaps, what are the octagonal bases in the 1970's game?