Wednesday, November 29, 2017

More lead

Well, its probably not cast in lead any more (health and safety and all that) but I'm an old school kind of guy who's still alive despite the crap I have worked with over the years.

Arriving this week fresh from Reading some new releases to the range.
First up, for the Austrians, some M47's. These tanks served in many theatres in World War 2 in the German army (if Hollywood is to be believed...) and in the 1950's were a main tank for NATO, serving with a few armies. The lasted into the 1980's with Austria and Spain.
So onto the photographs. The HMG is a separate part which is crisply cast and fits easily into its mounting hole.
 And a shot of the model painted (in Khaki drab rather than Olive drab as it seemed to look more correct for Austrians)
  I am being awfully cruel blowing it up this large. For me it has captured the M47 quite nicely

Better news is that the Old centurion model has been replaced with a new sculpt as well, and again a great leap in detail.this is  mk5/2 I think, as the Centurion marks were all rather confusing (and the British defence industry seemed to making things up on the fly on the production lines)

 There is also another version with an updated turret with all the 1980's mod cons (searchlights etc)

And with some paint on, it looks much better.

I've been considering how to do a 1980's army with Centurions. Its a toss up between the Dutch (AMX 13's in the AT coys and the YP408) and the Danes (with a similar paint job to the British army).
The Danes would also be an opponent for a Polish amphibious 'defence' division.
last, but possibly the most useful, a wheeled 120mm mortar hot off the press (I'm not even sure what the code is). Many modern armies used towed 120mm mortars and they really all look the same.

Again a nice wee model with crew, and something I shall buy more of to replace my current Warpac 120mm mortars.


  1. That MG on top of the M47 looks a good cast indeed.

  2. Yeah, that MG won't last long! I like the Danish / Polish Marine pairing. I finished a Polish Marine regiment recently. The obvious opfor was my USMC but I like your idea too.

  3. The mgs are stronger than they look so should last provided you don't shake them round in the box.

  4. Shame on you Rhys! I’ve often pondered getting some M47s but always told myself the castings weren’t going to be great. Now you go and post a picture of an excellent casting!

  5. I too was expecting the old Sytrex casting (and my short hands couldn't reach far enough into my deep pockets to find dosh for GHQ, which I think are a bit overrated) but was plesently surprised that it was a new sculpt.
    I must dig out an old Centurion for a comparison.