Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Air support update

As a further update to the last post I've maanged to paint and base the first of the models.
I'm an old time fan of the Thunderbolt so these were the first bases I completed.
The smaller size of the 1:600 allows you to get more than one model per stand. I got out the soldering iron to join the pre-glued brass wires together.

A10's in the European Lizard scheme
 The models come up quite nice and the pre-cast underwing ordanance is not that hard to paint.

So how do they scale?

For the original Thunderbolt with a bit of imagination (and some skilled soldering) I managed to get 4 to a base.

I managed to solder this with no burnt fingers.
 And again, with targets.

I'm quite liking it


  1. Never mind that, I want to know about the strong acid test from the previous post!

    Back to the topic at hand. The pair of A-10s look good, but four P-47s is two too many.

  2. Hmmm, I've forgotten about that. Too many Bavarians to paint.
    And I'll take the P-47's to a vote. How could that possibly go wrong....

  3. Those look very good Rhys, but I will vote with Luke that the P-47's would be better with two per base - they could then attack twice as many targets :)