Monday, July 6, 2020

Air support part whatever.

More slow plodding on with the airforces. I've now done most of the WW2 aircraft and based them. Theres still a bit of painting to finish and decals to source. For the older gentlemen at the back with poor eyesight, I'll provide comments.

RAF Typhoons in a well organised formation
Likewise P-47s from the 9th AF
Russian Il-2s in a much more informal "come as you are"
 As the packets come with 8 models, its enough for 2 stands with 4 models on each. The second base of IL-2's is idential to the first. However for the second base of -47's I thought would go out on a limb with the fomation.
Classical diving attack to port.
Theres another 4 Typhoons that I'm going to have a go at doing in line astern.
Update; yes it does work.

"Tally ho, Chaps"

I must go and buy some Germans (bring on Mr Rudel in a Stuka) as well as a few more 1980's Russian helicopters. If only they would do 1/2 sized packages.

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