Thursday, June 25, 2020

On decals

In the comments to the last post Luke commented that he had brought some Russian decal with a register missmatch which was visibly horrible.
I'd like to present the SF decals ( from I-94 enterprises ) that seem to be far better. They are for 1:300 scale so I've had to use the smallest ones on the sheet.

I've just noticed that one of the P-47s has the star upside down. The vents on the rear fusalage preclude the addition of decals on the sides though I might still have a crack at it.
Picoarmour and Flight Deck Decals do a wide range of 1:600 scale decals. The real problem is that SH/SH only require a few stands of aircraft and theres no point building up vast air fleets (not that I'll let it stop me). Helicopters however are another thing entirely....

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