Monday, June 15, 2020

Out with the iron

A passing visit from Mr Page on the weekend answered my question from the last post.
Out with the clippers and 3 went to 2.

This looks a lot better.
And how did I get around not being able to drill into the metal? With a bit of bending of the brass wire and some superglue the project moves on again.

It's surprisingly strong. And as a lot of the aircraft have cast on underwing stores the wires have spots to clip/slot into. So I got stuck into the stack.

Mig 27's
And moving on to US Helicopters.

OH58  and AH1
I managed to solder everything up whie only burning my fingers twice. I found on my work storage area some thin PCB that was perferated into small rectanges that proved to be ideal bases for the models. Again lots of fun soldering to the base before the rest of the solder melted.
Now I just have to finish the painting.


  1. Nice mounting rigs. Yeah, O8 metal is otherworldly. The bases look really nice with pairs of aircraft. Three helos did look a bit crowded.