Thursday, June 18, 2020

More Aircraft

Further painting on the air support. Russian aircraft in GSFG seemed to carry 3 colour schemes in the early 1980's. Out with the paints and my best matches seem to be Nato green and brown. They then got a wash and drybrush.

 Mig 27's recieved a stripy scheme.

The SU-25 was supposed to have a factory applied scheme. I quick search didn't seem to bear this up, so I just painted a 3 colour scheme.

 Likewise the Su17's. I'm quite happy with the way these models have turned out (missing Russian stars not withstanding). They are working out as I had envisaged. I'm not to sure about the cockpit colour at the moment, I might need to look at something slightly lighter.

With the modern aircraft turning out well, I decided to revisit the WW2 ground support aircraft that I had purchased at the same time. I glued some brass wire to some Typhoons and gave them a dark grey undercoat. I had previously based some P-47's in a 4 on one base on one mounting armature. This resulted in a pretty structure but the aircraft were a bit close for some. The typhoons were mounted in 2's but with the armatures spaced out on the base which I think looks a bit better.

I was sure I had brought some decals for these models but it turns out they were an earlier purchase for 1:300 scale, so I'm going to have to order some more models. What a pity....


  1. You won't go too far awry by just painting red dots for Soviet insignia at that scale. It looks fine once your eyes are more than 18 inches from the model.

  2. All the WW2 1:300 ones I bought were unsatisfactory in that the white surround to the red stars wasn't aligned with the red. I wish I hadn't used them now; they great. Just a red bit of brushwork would have been better, and I can see how ghat would surely be the case at 1:600.