Friday, June 12, 2020

Getting to the bottom of the lead pile

Looking round for things taht I could use and have yet to paint.
I did a bit of thinking about the Picoarmour aircraft that I purchased last year. The main problem was that they seemed to be made of titanium based on the number of drill bits that I've gone through trying to put holes in them. so the simple plan was to give up and try somethingelse. I folded up a support at the end of a piece of brass wire and then superglued the model on top.
First up were some Hind-D's.

The basing fits the TOE where a Russian diviosn in MSH gets 2 stands of Hinds based on a total of 6. However since my use of large numbers of aircraft on stands has been somewhat cotroversial I though I would see what everyones opinion is on 3 Hinds per base. I'll point out that I don't use rotor disks as I feel that they are just a pain in the butt, gather dust and don't look right.

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