Tuesday, December 1, 2020

On the Bench

Another month and another update.

This last month I've been painting more of Napoleons allies for my ongoing 1813 project.

First up is the Wurttemberg 38th division of 2 brigades. The Wurttemberg infantry were among the best of the Confederation of the Rhine troops.

Next is the Polish Dutchy of Warsaw VIII corps. The Poles were among the strongest supporters of Napoleon as they viewed him as the best chance of an independent Poland. The infantry contingent contained the Vistula legion previously in French service.

The artillery was a progression of cock ups. First up I ordered the artillery crews from the Polish range in Czapka which the artillery replaced with the Shako in 1810. As there's no quick way to replace them (with the curent Baccus ordering setup) I used the figures anyway. I also painted up some horse artillery using French Guard horse artillery. I also grabbed a set of artillery limbers and horse teams from the pack and painted and based them. Of course I completely forgot that I needed 2 limbers and teams for the scond artillery battalion for the other division.

I suppose I can always use them as corps troops. Next order to Baccus I will have to order the correct replacements.

The cavalry so far. A brigade of Uhlans (using the Imperial guard figures as I had them sitting round spare) and the Polish Cuirassiers with light lancer support.

The Corps commader Poniatowski and a couple of ADC's. Poniatowski was the only non French marshal created by Napoleon, even if he only got to enjoy it for 3 days.

 The 1813 campaign saw the end of an independed Poland for over a centry untill the end of WW1. 

With this lot off the painting table I now have to decide whats next. I have 2/3rds of the Middle guard (for some odd reason Bacus sell these guys and no other formed infantry in 48's rather than 96's) which punts them down the list a bit. Theres also the figures for the 39th German division of Baden and Hessians on hand. 

Or I could start on the Prussians.....

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  1. You have had a productive time painting. The various contingents make some useful additions to the French. I look forward to the next update.