Sunday, December 13, 2020

Bi-weekly update

 This weeks completed painting is another divison for the 1813 project. This time its the 39th division from the Confederation of the Rhine with a brigade from Baden and the other from Hesse.

No Divisional comand stand as I'm currently out  of round cut bases. 

Other projects that have come tocompetion over the last week.

A couple of months ago while looking for some ice-cream I discoverd 3kg of plums in the freezer from last seasons crop (you run out of things do do when you have 35kg of plums). So plum wine it was. After 4 weeks in the fermenter it was time to bottle it. Just to try something different I've done 1/2 of it as a sparkling wine. what was left of the plum pulp was used to make a plum saison beer (which is also quite nice).

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