Saturday, August 7, 2021

Two in two

 A part two to last nights post.

The other project in the last few weeks has been another IHMN company, but one I still have to come up with the details. The start of the project was when I came across some interesting figures which are from an unlikely source.

 These figures are Front Rank Napoleonic Spanish Militia in top hats. How much more suitable could figures be for steampunk. First up some leaders.

Anyone with a sword will do. Then some sub comanders.

 What realy sold me was the figures with short blunderbuses.

They are handy short weapons which with few modifications could become anything else like arc weapons etc.

As for a company theme something came into my mind surprisingly fully formed. The old Etonians are English private school oldboys, fearless with erudite wit. The rest is just filling in the gaps. The colour patern is the school coat of armsbackground and any ties or cravats will be painted Eton blue (which is a pale green, go figure). I also have to add a white lily on the legs.

Theres a stack of figures out that can be used, all it needs is a bit of thinking outside the box.

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