Friday, August 6, 2021

Painting update

 Only 4 weeks between posts, not too bad I guess.I have at least been busy with the brushes.

I've worked on a couple of projects in his period. First up....

My DBA project has now taken form. Not a big leap in the end and the choice is 10mm figures on 25mm bases. I have however largely tossed out the suggested number of figures on the bases for "what ever will fit". My interests have always been the 15th century, Romans or hoplites have never really captured my interest. However I did not see the point in replicating my 15th century western european armies.

Back in the day I painted up a Later Muslm Indian army and had some succes with it in competitions (even winning NICON DBR one year using them as Rajputs). I still can't remember why I picked it but it might have been the elephants. I then started painting more Persian horse armour to expand my armies (as the base cavalry all looked alike) untill I had had enough to never touch another 15mm figure. So, having sworn never to paint middle eastern cavalry the army I picked first was Ottomans. There was some method in my madness as the Ottomans had 24 different opponents. 

The figures came from the Pendraken Renaissance Ottoman range (I brought some horse archers from the TB range but the horses were obviously too large so I couldn't mix them)

Spahi's. I managed to get 11 on a base with a mix of barded and unbarded horses wi some horse archers at the back.

Genneral element. I must do some flags for the second rank.

The horde

Jannissaries. Historically recorded as wearing blue, green or red, I've just stuck to one colour. Maybe if I paint the rest of the pack.

Azabs. The horse archers are on order.

I must admit that I have enjoyed painting these and that 10mm is a better choice for DBA than 6mm for this base size. I've ordered the figures for an opponent which I'll discuss when I have painted them.

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