Sunday, April 10, 2022

Finishing touches

 Another couple of evenings at the work bench and the 4 houses are finally finished, only 21 months after they arrived in my mailbox. Adding the foliage is the last step. To tie the 4 buildings together as a group I've used white for the edging stonework, and terracotta for the rooves and plant pots. The plant colours should probably be varied but again sticking with one ties everything together. I contemplated replacing the flat roof with a corregated tile one but in the end decided that it was more practical to just leave then as is.

Possibly a bit twee but I'm not overly worried.

So, I'm now trying hard not to buy another set of these buildings as I'm making a solid attempt to clear out the modeling pile (oh and theres the whole trying not to spend more money thing. This is balanced by ttCombat putting these in the "last chance to buy" list)


  1. Very nice indeed, the plants and an excellent touch.

  2. Dang, those look fantastic. Really good job there. Devil's advocate here: four buildings doth not a town make.