Monday, April 18, 2022

Quick, to the lab

With the completion (for the time being) of my IHMN town project, I've had a look at what was sitting on the workbench. Looking at the bits I decided to make a start on my Victorian Sci-Fi laboratory (I'd say steampunk, but I'm not sure if theres going to be gears involved yet...). I dug out the 2 Deuterium lamp thingys that I had perloined/liberated from my real life lab (well, intercepted before ladfill so I'm doing something good for the environment). I also had some metal half bell shapped items from some of the DIY house renovations (but no idea precisely what). The issue was that the hole in the top was not big enough to fit the bulb housings in. 30 minutes and 3 fret saw blades later I had enlarged the holes.

So, a couple of nicely sized electric something-or-others for the terrain stash.

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