Tuesday, August 11, 2020

More modern air support

 As a follow up to the last post, Peter and I also went halves on some NATO aircraft sets. As part of my SH/MSH air support replacement program I got the following.

Front left to right Gazelle, Lynx and Harrier, back PAH-1, UH-1 and an out of focus Saab Draken (Danes). My Brits have never actually had any air support so I'm sure it will be apreciated.

Next up the Russians and more Helicopters.


L to R Mi-4 Hound, Mi-8 Hip and Mi-6 Hook with a Hind in the back to scale. Now I knew that the Mi-6 was big but this is just enormous. In teamYankee you would not be able to fire the length of the cargo bay. Oh and a Mig 21's as well.

Finally I could not resist his set after my reading on the air war over North Vietnam. A complete SA-2 battery complete wth the "Spoon Rest" early warning radar and "Fan Song" fire control radar.

 The "Spoon Rest" radar array is printed on acetate (though possibly a bit thicker might be nice). The "Fan Song" looks like it was invented by a mad scientist on a wild weekend bender. I'd hate to see it change direction quickly.

"It won't track the target".

" Then stick more radar dishes on it!"

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