Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday night update

 A week on from the last post and I've made good progress. The Trapezuntine Byzantines are done apart from some base work and the flags. First up, 2 elements of 4 Bow.

2 elements of 3 Auxilia.

2 elements of Psiloi.

And to finish up the knights.

And the whole army lined up.

 Its been a bit of a challenge with the colours. Given that most of our knowledge is based on snippets of first hand accounts and surviving frescos where we have no idea how limited the artists access to paint pigments were, and how well they age. So green and red are popular and I've gone with blue/red white striped sheilds as they seem to be popular in Byzantine  armies.

Oh and the limits of working in a scale with limited figure options.

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