Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday night

 Time for a weekly update. Not much painting this week after finishing the Byzantines. I've been re-reading Prit Buttars book on the Russian attacks arround and after Stalingrad,"A Knifes edge". Again a good read with rubbish maps. And a reminder that the Russian victory was not only due to superior numbers but also superior operational art and the willingness to learn from their mistakes. 

And for a change of scenery I pulled out the 1813 Russians which is the last majr army to be finished for the project. As always when approaching an old pile of lead theres the whole "now just what was the plan again?" monents, followed by looking at the army lists. Theres then the "Hmmm, there doesn't seem to be the correct trrops here followed by the "leap online and buy the spare bits. And since they are coming from Baccus its anyones guess when they will turn up (or be cast for that matter). And then the wife asks "where did all that lead come from" to which the silent reply is "If only you knew how much is really stashed in boxes in the room..."

The next job is to put them all on sticks.

So, 500 foot, 8 guns and 20 mounted officers and thats enough for only 8 brigades. I must admit that I've never really kept track of how many figures I've painted over the years but after hearing one of my friends tallys (20k according to him, and I've no reason to doubt him) mines probably not far off that.

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  1. Why is it that I also can never work out why an order I place doesn’t always seem to align to what I think I’m going to paint?

    As to the “number of figures” post, well it has admittedly made me a little more aware of what I’m painting. They add up more quickly than I expect. That said I have no idea of the numbers I have painted.