Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday night update

Things learnt this week:

Painting 380 6mm figures at once might be just a few too many....

Its a bit of a grind painting 380 of anything (quite honestly you have no idea) especially if its something like belts. still, I seem to have broken the back of it and theres only the silver bits and the kiwer cords to do.

And for an update for castng/shippingtime from theUK. Today I recieved an email to say that a Baccus order had been posted to me. "Not to bad I thought" as I had only placed the order last week. Nope, having a look at my email this order is from September 11th and is Prussians not Russians.


  1. God bless you sir for your patience, sticking it out over so many miniatures. That looks brutal.

    Prussians. Good Grief.

  2. I have gone back and forth with how many figures to paint at once. It is nice to see progress so fewer is can be rewarding. However, with fewer figures too much time can be lost as it isn’t really a full production line. I am leaning towards something in the medium range after finding 160 horses a too much like hard work.

  3. 380 6mm figures in a week is very impressive work Rhys, but don't feel that you have to achieve that level every week! And I was thinking I did well basing up 72 10mm figures this week!

    Look forward to seeing all these French, Russians and Prussians on the table top sometime soon.

  4. Well, there wasn't enough beer in the house last night to ease the pain of 380 sets of shako cords last night. fortunately that was the last of it and they got a wash as well for the finish. I just heve to flock the figure base and they are ready to go on the brigade bases.
    The plus with doing large numbes of figures in one hit is that when you do anything else its a doddle. Knocked out 32 artillery figures tonight without really trying.

  5. I definitely know what its like to paint hundreds of 6mm figures. Well done