Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday night update

 I'm trying to keep the updates coming. This weeks painting was 4 battalions of Russian artillery.

I've added commanders on horses as the Baccus Russian command pac comes with figures using spyglasses. They the only ones I've seen so far in all the Baccus command packs which quite honestly appear to me to be interchangeble. Maybe my eyesight isn't up to it any more and I should go straight to 54mm.

I've been on paperwork at work for the last "whenever" and so have been taking the chance to digest some podcasts to relieve the mind numbing boredem. as well as Godsownscale (which is a long listen but interesting, and I'd love to see some local gamers on there), I've come across "Anything but a one'. Its 3 guys who chat about different topics in 40 minute bites. While this doesn't seem on the face of it to be that interesting, I'm actually enjoying it for the philisophical side. This may surprise some of my friends.

 I'll contrast this with the mad axeman podcast which I was directed to from the latest episode of Godsownscale. What I got was the equilvilent of  listening into a zoom meeting of a group of friends giving each other beans about what they had painted this week followed by an esoteric  discussion of a new version of ADLG. Quite honestly there was nothing there for me. Keiths group chats (we should do them every couple of months or so) are far more interesting beause I know all the participants. I don't really care what a random group of strangers are apinting on the other side of the planet.

With that I'm off  to paint Russian horse artillery,  cuirassiers and command stands with a side order of Swedish cavalry.

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  1. I was very pleased to read you enjoyed our virtual meetings. Having them periodically isn’t something I had really considered, but you have given me something to ponder.