Monday, February 28, 2022

A Necessary Evil

 The annual Pendraken painting competition is on and I've decided the throw my hat in the ring. I've been held up by a dead video card (and its very hard to find a replacement for an 11 year old video card) but finally solved that yesterday. The other issue is that due to the Pendraken forums antique code (and apparently the "new" version is a step up on the old, which truelyterrifies me as to what it used to be like) the pictures have to be hosted somewhere else on the net. This leaves my blog since I don't do social media.

My choice for this year are twofold. First up is a singkle stand, my 15th century Ottoman artillery, which I think are a bit different from the standard Ottoman bombards. The Ottomans would have captured a fair bit of western kit and would have had no problems using it.

My other entry is my Knights of St John army.

Now I get to step back in time and upload these onto the forum using something remarkably similar to old style HTML.

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