Wednesday, February 9, 2022

mumble weekly update

Another haphazardly timed update. Theres been a few trays across the painting table but little has stuck for more than a couple of days. The one that has stooped is been the slow moving 3mm Spearhead replacement air support project. Just looking at the bench I'm really not sure why I have so many helicopters....

I based up some of the larger Russian toys, and my god they are huge. Heres a Mi-6 Hook next to a couple of Hind D's. The Mi-26 Halo is larger.

I've done a bit of work on some of the bases. The RAF got a bit of a tart up first. Western Europe back roads are simple to make look interesting.

I also did some of the German and Russian eastern front bases, but its very hard to make the eastern europe steppe look interesting (and no I'm not doing snow....yet). Maybe some dead targets might improve things.

As something a bit different I've painted up The Saab Drakens for my future Danes.

Looking like something out of the Thunderbirds, I'm still not sure how the designers managed to convince the Swedish money men to give them the cash to make them.


  1. Excellent as always. I recently painted up two of those Mi-6es for my Syrians and, yes, that's a comically large helicopter.

  2. Future Danes? Is that I have a couple of spare planes, I better build an army so I can use kind of thing?