Wednesday, February 16, 2022

DBA storage

 After the last post I did a bit more thinking about storage and transport solutions. This revolved around a few things like size, metal trays, shape etc. I'd point out at this point thats its quite challenging (with my skills) to make a wooden box thats square and with a door etc that works. So I went back to the style I've developed over the years. Clever plans levelled by lazyness. The tray footprint I came up with was 18cm by 19cm. 18cm wide is a no brainer as its 3 base widths wide. The depth was a bit more challenging and requires a bit of thought. a depth of 18cm is 6 foot stands with no space or 4 cavalry stands with 2cm spare. Extend to 19cm and its 6 foot stands with 1cm spare or 4 cavalry stands now with space for a foot stand as well.

It fits the Ottomans. Theres enough space for an optional stand of Serbian knights if I ever do one.

The knights of St John are a bit easier as theres not as many cavalry stands.

There are several pluses. I have a stockpile of 3mm MDF in my office at work which has been pre-cut to provide shelving for a set of shelves. Fortunately its probably spare as I have not seen it used in 10 years. The second one is that it took me 5 minutes to cut the wood up for 2 trays on the sawbench and another 5 to glue them together.

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