Sunday, May 1, 2016


The modeling room has been,for want of a better word, a tip for quite a while now.
At the moment I do my modeling and painting on 600mm shelves that were in place in the house when we brought it which are now surplus to requirements. Now, normally these just live on the floor when not the current project, which is a bit limiting as there is only so much floor to go round.
last weekend I knocked up a storage rack out of some old MDF bits, and smuggled it into the house while the wife was out this morning.

Some of you will be wondering why I didn't just buy something from a shop. Mostly its beause I'm cheap, but more because I wanted something that fitted into the rooom without wasting any space. The lesser bit is because we don't have many options in terms of buying items like this in a shop.

However those living in civilised countries might be able to find something that fits the bill much better.