Wednesday, January 12, 2022

New year

 Only 2 months since the last post. Summer tends to get in the way of indoor jobs.

After my last post I lost the will to live painting Russian's and moved back to 10mm DBA. First up I finished the Ottoman artillery by adding some pavises (which if I were a 15th century artillery man on a battlefield with a slow firing cannon Iwould like to have as protection). A few barrels and other bits would be good to complete this.

Then it was on to the next army, Knights of St John (IV/56. I've just about got the numbers memorised). 

We'll start with the knights. The foot are dismounted knights ELM3 backed with retinue billmen ELM4 figures. In retrospect I should have used billmen in surcoats ELM26.

The other option is on horseback the figures are a mix of mounted knights on barded ELM1 and unbarded ELM28 horses backed by some hobilar figures ELM2, all in charging poses.

I've always thought that a base with a mix of troops in action along with troops just standing round just looked really odd.

Next up are the colonist crossbowmen. While they may have had their own weapons/uniforms the knights would have provided other bits of kit (pavises etc). the figures are just  crossbowmen ELM10 which I do like due to having the reloading figures.

I thought that the spearmen would have been equiped by the knights so they get consistant armour and shields TB170.

To round out the army are 6 stands of psilloi. A collection of crossbowman TB168 and  (and I've just noticed I should have added in some greek archers. oh well....)

And the whole army together.

Looking at the collection of figures in the pile I'm now a bit stuck for a next army as while theres plenty of figures but not enough for another army ( Hussite, Medieval german, Hungarian etc).