Wednesday, August 10, 2022


 A couple of weeks ago I came across a post that suggested that a particular sort of bath mat could be used as a base for forests. At the weekend I was shopping at a local craft/homeware chain store when I came across a similar item. The material is heavy and would sit well on underlying terrain.


With a bit of colour work it shows definite promise forests for 6mm and is NZ$7 for a piece 80cm by 50 cm. I'm thinking about using it as a base for my WW2 winter terrain project. Painted black with a textured white spray paint it stand in well for a winter coniferous forrest.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Keeping track

 Only a month since the last post but far longer since a workbench post. Since the last workbench update I've mostly been panting 10mm for my 15th century Eastern European DBA project, and theres not much to see there untill I get another order from Pendraken to finish things up. More recently I've made a move back to my 1813 Volley and Bayonet project to try to lower one face of the lead mountain. Sifting through the pile I found that I was nowhere near done with the Russians army and that there was enough infantry for another 6 divisions of French. As I already have ~6000 pts of French its back to the Russians.

Hussars, lancers, Cossacks, 2 Grenadier divisions and a stack of Jagers. Even with all this I'm still short a few bits I will need to order....

Another part of the project I've been working on is some markers for the accounting side of the game. back in the day in Wellinton we used small pom poms to keep track of casualties on the table rather than on paper. While some of you might have issues with this I've always found it a sensible way to keep track of the degradation of units on the table. However I've never managed to find a source of the pom poms. Fortunately Baccus has a part solution for me in the packs of casualty figures.



I've not done a great job paint wise (though that seems to be par for the course) as they are just markers. And they look OK on the table.

 I still have to come up with a way to indicate disorder and exhaustion, posibly using the cavalry casualties as cavalry units tend to have far fewer strength points than infantry units. Until then, its back to painting Russians.