Monday, March 29, 2021

Biweekly update updated

 As par normal I've been remarkably remiss in updating the blog. Truth be told I've not been in a good place to do any wargaming modeling. January started off with painting 12 battalions of regular Prussian infantry. Somewhere through this my painting mojo just up and died. I attempted to start 12 battalions of Prussian reserve infantry, and that nailed the coffin shut. Eventually I moved to some IHMN modeling by hauling out the large paddle steamer. Now going back when we last saw it, it looked like this.

First up some decking. While you can use paint and clever washes, nothing looks quite like real wood. Thin pine veneer (no idea where I found thing) stained (walnut) and varnished has come out quite nicely.

 Now while trawling the intertubes looking for further inspiration I came across the following which proves that there is indeed a prototype for everything. I swear now that I have not come across these before. If I had I probably would have been stuck trying to replicate it wihich would have taken far longer or most likely stalled the project.

This ferry and several sisters have plied the rivers of Burma/Myanmar for over 100 years. And while White is a quite nice quaint victorian colour, I came across something I found a bit more interesting and fetching.

I quite like the external vs internal colours on the sides.
One thing I have discovered in working on a model of this scale is that its a real pain to paint them