Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A step back in time

A while back, I blogged about painting figures for 6mm Volley and Bayonet. After a mere 22 months, I finally put together 3000 points for a pair of histories most durable foes. 1813 French vs British. We tried using the road to glory scenario system for the first time. I took the French.

I got #16 Returning Detachment Left (lose the left flank). My opponent lucked in with #24 Turning Maneuver-Left. I was on the back foot from the get go with poor French troops vs British veterans.

The view from behind the British (and Portuguese) center. The French look awfully thin from this side, and they felt awfully thin from my side. The solution was to attack.

Tossing the Young Guard supported by Cuirassiers into the line made initial gains (and removed the limbered British artillery as well). Unfortunately things went south from here.

The French cavalry on the left (in the picture) took a beating and in the end collapsed. The French line in the center was left being held by conscripts. With the British still intact we called the game.

So, I managed to kill my army in 3 1/2 turns. That, my friends, takes particular skills.