Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Pictures from the front.

Being ex DBM players we have had a few games of L'art de la Geurre (it seems the french aren't just good at wine and cheese). My first thoughts are that it seems to iron out a lot of finicky bits that plagued the DBM system at the end (buttocks of death, anyone?). DBMM was simply a bridge too far for me with all its add ons, and it seems to be only used by 25mm gamers in this country. Not having the finances/painting skills/ requisite strength to lift the army I'm ruled out. The armys and table size are also smaller and the games play out in less than 3 hrs. That doesn't include food breaks.

Feeding the inner man
It has produced several very close games, with a mutual break in the second game. Its got me interested in painting 15mm figures again (which is something I swore I would never do after painting Persian horse armour 20 years ago). However the price of 15mm seems to have gone through the roof while I've been away from the scale so I might investigate 6mm, or even 10mm figures.

Setting the scene

So, with a bit of work, we have 10km by 7km of West germany (well, the hilly foresty bits). Looking across.....

From a higher angle

So, we are all ready to go for the weekend. And for interest, set up and pack away time was 10 minutes each. They stack up quite nicely

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Clock is ticking

With this years impending arrival of Dr U-S its time to get on with the terrain.
So over the last week I've been knocking out another 4 terrain squares, which will increase the total area I can do to 8' by  (or 12 boards)

Now I just have to do the woods and roads and I'm there.