Monday, August 7, 2017

Terrain tiles V

With 4 weeks before Dr U-S arrives I though I would have a bit of a break with tradition and actually get the terrain done before he arrived. Its a good time saving plan, but has the negative in that he's quite good at making interesting bits of terrain.

After a fair bit of research on the central and south eastern bits of Germany and Austria gave me some base ideas. Generaly hills are covered in forrests. Streams run through the valleys and are the only place you find hedgerows. Appartently in the 1970's Germany went to mechanised farming which nesesitated the removal of the hedgerows. Odd but true.
The strat of the first board. I need a fresher pot of paint to make the roads look better. the trees might ned to be darker as well.

The second board is just started.

I was going to do some hills tonight, but don't have the bits that I want, so I'll have to make a detour tomorrow on the way home from work.

I've come up with some thoughts on town sectors taht I'll have to try this weekend.


  1. My word, this IS a radical break with the usual "order" of things. I not in a bad way either ;-)

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