Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Terrain tiles VIII

Its time to start adding the woods. At the moment I'm recycling the forest blocks that I already have. Some of these are decidedly odd shapes but I'm managing to fit them in.

 My plan is to make the gaps where the roads cross the ridge lines wide enough to fit a stand in. while it doesn't look quite right, it is more practical from a playability point of view.

 So, with all the forests added here is where I'm at tonight. Luke had a mix of 3 and 4 roads off the board edges, but I'm going to use 4 on all the boards. I also need to come up with something better than just paint as it looks a bit manky up close.

What I'm currently pondering is how I managed to spin out these forests out over a 6 by 4 board. Obviously not enough terrain used on the boards.


  1. Those look pretty great so far!

  2. I decided on my 3 or 4 road scheme after seeing every bard with 4 roads gave an effect that didn't look quite right. But it greatly complicates fitting the boards together, so in hindsight, wasn't worth it. I think by making the off entry point a dead-end you would get a similar "more natural" effect without the (considerable) complication of having having to match up boards with only 3 entry points with each other.